The Digital Classroom of Tomorrow

Innovating in technology enhanced learning since 2002

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The Digital Classroom of Tomorrow (DCOT) Project is a “Classroom 2.0” initiative exploring the boundaries of digital technologies and their application to learning. We envisage a day when no child or other learner will be held back from achieving their full potential just because of where they live or their parents’ background.

The Digital Classroom of Tomorrow Conceptual Framework

This model is based on the view that the classroom of tomorrow will not simply consist of educators and learners or indeed only hard-wired personal computers, but will be accessible through many forms of new media, including all mobile phones, interactive television, games consoles, tablet computers as well as laptops and netbooks.

Indeed, the classroom of tomorrow may consist mainly of these ubiquitous systems, not tied to any geographical location or boundary. The Classroom 2.0 concepts envisages every class in an educational establishment being electronically enhanced and not just ICT lessons.

The Classroom 2.0 approach, which has been successfully used across Europe, means that students are not only connected with their classmates, but can connect with other educational establishments through ‘eTwinning’ anywhere in the world.