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Our Services

The Digital Classroom of Tomorrow Project is part of The Crocels Community Media Group. The group has an international focus to its operations, while having all of its registered head-offices based in Wales. Our business model is based around corporate social responsibility, and the companies that form part of the Group are a mixture of for-profit and not-for-profit, taking full advantage of the free market for social good. In conjuction with them we provide the following services.

Market Research

We can help you assess your business by identifying the things you do best, why your customers can come to you, and what you can do to grow your business with minimum risk to your time and money. Our analysts are trained in SPSS statistical analysis at Masters degree level and regularly produce world class research for publishers like IGI Global, Oxford, Springer and Elsevier. Please get in touch with us by email to discuss your requirements –

Bespoke E-Learning and Online Training Provision

We can help you meet your education and training goals, whether it be transforming your school to take advantage of e-learning, providing training over the Internet to any number of people, or helping you increase awareness of online safety and online community management. Our consultants have Masters degrees in E-Learning, Information Systems and Law, and can make e-learning objects SCORM and Moodle compliant. These technologists have experience as school governors and personal tutors, and have been engaged as lecturers and researchers in universities. Please get in touch with us by phone or email to discuss how we might help you – / 0845 4786390.

Website Compliance and Accessibility Audits

Did you know that 70% of e-commerce websites built in Wales do not comply with European Union Law? We help businesses cut through all the bureaucracy emanating from Brussels and ensure businesses are complaint so they can get on with running their businesses with the confidence they are complaint with the law. Our para-legal professionals have Masters degrees in EU Law, and are members of specialist legal bodies, including BCS’s Law SG. Please get in touch with us by phone or email to discuss how we might help you – / 0845 4786390.

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