The Digital Classroom of Tomorrow

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GBL Approach

The Digital Classroom of Tomorrow Project has been part of exciting initiatives, which have led to novel approaches to learning.

The GBL Classroom 2.0 Taxonomy

Instructional Excellence – We have developed ‘Learn, Create, Communicate‘ approach to instructional design and delivery which argues that learners need to acquire, apply and articulate knowledge in order for teaching and learning to be successful.

Learner Experience Excellence - We have developed the PASS approach to developing e-learning systems, which stresses the importance of designing user interfaces which are persuasive, adaptive, sociable and sustainable.

Systems Analysis Excellence - We have developed the E-Learning Industry Classroom 2.0 approach to analysing the requirements of e-learning projects within existing protocols such as Prince 2.0. The five elements are; Consulting, Content, Technology, Services, Support.

Learning Organisation Excellence – We have also helped prove the ‘Excellence in Transforming Understanding through Distributed Independent Education Resources‘ (ETUDIER) approach to providing community education. This suggests that schools, colleges and universities shouldn’t be the isolated bodies they are at present but should tap into community infrastructures like local rugby and football clubs, community centres and church halls.

Want to design, develop or deliver using the GBL Classroom 2.0 Taxonomy?

Wherever you see the following symbol below you will know you are receiving the best educational experience you can using one, more, or all of the above approaches. For more information on the GBL approach, please visit