The Digital Classroom of Tomorrow

Innovating in technology enhanced learning since 2002


The DCOT Project is leading the way in realising the “Classroom 2.0” concept in Wales, being founded in 2002 at the start of the e-learning revolution. There are also other such projects around the EU with similar objectives that came online later.

England: CAPITAL (Curriculum and Pedagogy in Technology Assisted Learning)
The CAPITAL Project was undertaken by University of Nottingham (Learning Sciences Research Institute and Teaching and Leadership Research Centre) and Sero Consulting Ltd working in association with former quango Becta, which is now dissolved.

Spain: Escuela 2.0
Escuela 2.0 is an integration of Information Technologies and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in schools, which includes the use of a laptop customized by each pupil. The goal is to implement the twenty-first century digital classrooms, classrooms equipped with technology infrastructure and connectivity.

Italy: Classi 2.0
Classi 2.0 is driving Innovative learning environments in Italy, through individualisation and personalisation of learning, formal non-formal, digital learning content, teaching methodologies.